This page is just a collection of links that I find interesting.


lispcoder: Another domain of mine that is currently not being used for anything anymore, but that may change.

Planet Lisp: An aggregation of various Lisp-related blogs.

Practical Common Lisp: The book on Common Lisp that I recommend to beginners, and still find myself coming back to.



Game Development

Red Blob Games: This is one of my favorite blogs. It contains articles explaining various math and game development concepts, using interactive teaching aids.

Learn OpenGL: My go to source for a high level overview of some different OpenGL concepts.

Think Labyrinth - Maze Algorithms: A classification of the properties of various maze algorithms.

Hexagonal Grids: The definitive guide on using hexagons for game grids.

Fix Your Timestep!: A must read for anyone planning to implement a game loop / physics simulation of their own.

Time Delta Smoothing: This is the gem I was in search of for years, and one that you probably don't even know you need. The effect described in this article is so subtle, yet significantly changes the rendering quality of your game loop for the better. Assumes familiarity with the above "Fix Your Timestep!" article.

FPS Versus Frame Time: A simple explanation of why it is wrong to compare relative performance using frames per second.

Dijkstra Maps Visualized: Explains the usefulness of Dijkstra maps, a type of data structure popular with roguelike game development.

The Action List Data Structure: A data structure useful for animation and general state changing over the more traditional FSM.

Videos, Video Channels, and Live Streams

3Blue1Brown: A video channel about mathematics, with visual animations to make concepts a little more fun and less abstruse to learn.

Pushing Pixels with Lisp: Go for a ride with Chris Bagley, having fun with OpenGL shaders and game development. Wednesdays, 7PM UTC.