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Switching Away from Emacs to...Emacs

July 22, 2017

2 minute read


I have recently switched away from Emacs and maintaining my own configuration to a popular Emacs configuration called Spacemacs.

I have been programming for a long time, and most of that time was spent in Vi (or Vim). To be honest, I even used Vim to learn Common Lisp, and continued to use it for 7 years of Common Lisp development, all the while feeling like the outcast of the community.

It wasn't until October of 2015 that I switched to Emacs, and I instantly fell in love with the editor. I chose to learn it the intended way, using Emacs-style keybindings, instead of Evil (the Emacs mode responsible for Vi-style keybindings). Learning it was easy, but configuring it was time consuming. My Emacs config was enormous, constantly evolving, and therefor an absolute chore to maintain.

Recently a friend inspired me to give Spacemacs a try - which is a very popular and active project built on top of Emacs. My first impression was a great big 'wow'. All of the mnemonic keybindings I already had are present. It looks and feels great, and it offers an easy way to configure it more. It looks like I'll have one less project to maintain.

I am very new to the Spacemacs project, but I will definitely be attempting to learn more about this superb code editor.

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